Moisson Desroches training cursus – Birth announcement : WeFer

Its board is pleased to announce the birth of WeFer,

which occurred 30th June 2016, acted by the registration of the statutes at the Préfecture de Paris.





Who is WeFer ?Moisson Desroches promotion 1

The association gathers former members of the Moisson-Desroches Cursus of Fer de France, which is an inter-professional cursus to train young leaders of the french rail sector (operation, industry, public authority, engineering, etc.).

Why WeFer ?

The association aims first at keeping and creating links between these members, to enforce the coordination between stakeholders and to stimulate actions in a united, global and innovative rail world.

WeFer wants to think out of the box and contribute to the thoughts around the evolution of the rail: will it be a think tank, a lobby ? The future will tell us.

How WeFer ?

We will season WeFer by a dose of humor and a pinch of off the beaten path vision to keep it on the right track and to make serious propositions without taking ourselves seriously.

Contact WeFer

Treasurer : Florence Laizier,

Secretary : Alexandre Magny,

President : Didier Caramello,

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