COP 21 : Less than 2 degrees ? Impossible without electric railways as a backbone. Fer de France is ready to play its role. Videos.

AFTER THE GREAT success of the Morning Debates of Fer de France at COP 21


Fer de France IS PLEASED to put on-line the bilingual versions of best moments of the debates (in English, with french subtitles)


In doing so, Fer de France wishes to promote the need for pro-active decisions:


  • To obtain a real and significant modal shift, politically supported by strong economic signals
  • To encourage clean electric and space saving transports. This is essential to reach the defined targets for energy transition and climatic control
  • To accelerate the development of public transport networks in the biggest cities in the world. It appears that the economic model is reinforced by the expenses avoided by a more efficient transportation network and by the growing attractiveness and competitiveness of territories. The examples given by the international guests show a clear perspective in this field.
  • To speed up  the efforts for innovation made by the railway sector, in order to make sure that the rail fully plays its role in connected and individual mobility.

“Railway as a backbone for sustainable and intermodal mobility”. 

Such is the vision carried and deployed by the French actors of the railway sector. The Morning Debates have been a good opportunity to launch a debate between the vision of high-level international personalities from the civil society and the effort made by key French actors of the railway sector, in France and in the world.


Watch the bilingual videos on our website :


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