Improving and modernizing the process for testing and validation.


page 33IRT Railenium, and Fer de France, are pleased to start a working program for Test and Strategy – Qualifications for the railway sector

In a highly competitive international environment, the French rail sector has everything to gain by finding new ways of qualifications and providing evidence of compliance which meet at once to objective performance and speed while keeping guarantees security equivalent or optimized.

This working program is an opportunity to widen this central issue for the railway sector: the validation and testing phases of innovation.

The first general meeting of the sector’s experts will take place in Paris march 23th . The objectives are to prepare, initially, the inventory methods of qualification and registration in regards of
• to the rail experience feedback and aerospace;
• expression of needs in terms of qualification for the rail sector;
• presentation of how to improve the existing in terms of performance and speed in compliance with safety requirements.

The experts will carry out, within three practical workshops, in-depth analysis of three functional systems considered critical vis-à-vis the validation process:
- Shunting
- The braking
- And the platforms and channels.


Fer de France partenaire du salon SIFER à Lille 24-26 mars 2015Furthermore, and as part of Sifer, a round table restitution of the work of the seminar

will be held on the exhibitors Forum Sifer, 26 March 12:30

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