Fer de France is happy to launch the”Moisson-Desroches” cycle

SigleFer de France has launched “Moisson-Desroche’s”, its inter-professional cycle to train young leaders of the rail sector. The first 2015 graduating class, gathers together 12 young leaders from firms or entities at the origin of Fer de France. During a year, those trainees are going to upgrade their knowledge in order to gain a more transversal understanding of their branch.

The purpose? Training the future senior executives who are going to be able of anticipating the changes in the sector. “We hope that, at the end of the cycle, the trainees will have a more transversal view of the rail industry and also a more accurate one of the environment surrounding their company. We also hope that this training course we give them a greater sense of awareness of collective and transversal issues”explains Alain Bullot, General Manager of Fer de France. He leads this first graduating class with Guy Le Bras, General Director of the GART. 

The trainees are going to join a one-year educational program, from January to December 2015. For this first pilot graduating class, the trainees have co-constructed the program. The cycle is formed of 4 program components :

  • 10 to 12 days based on the key challenges of the rail industry. Each working day will be organized by one of the entities of Fer de France and built around its own difficulties inside the branch,
  • Writing a report,
  • Participating to events,
  • And a study tour.

Each working day will include conferences, visits and meetings with top executives. It will be enhanced by a moment with the President of the hosting firm. 

The reports will be written by groups of 4 trainees. “We will make them work on themes of direct interest for Fer de France, explains Alain Bullot. “We hope that their authorized input will allow us to formulate recommendations for the rail sector”.  3 themes have been selected : 1-A mapping of value creation for the sector. 2-How to anticipate the emerging innovations, showing a break-away from the traditional business models? and 3-Can being frugal be a level of performance? Or intelligence servicing the ‘just necessary’ model.

A component of the cycle is dedicated to joining events: symposiums, presentations and displays, trade fairs…The themes are as various as the city of the Future, the role of the State, e-Economy in the aircraft industry or the effect of car-sharing…”We want to broaden their view of their sector, to make them think about topics that are not a central concern in their business activities, but still are crucial for our future” underlines Alain Bullot. “Just one key thread: the future and performance of the sector”.

Finally, the cycle includes a one week study tour. For the first year, the participants will go to Great-Britain to observe and benchmark the British railway system. As a consequence, this first graduating class will be called “London”.

This high-level inter-professional cycle  has been called “Moisson-Desroches”, the name of this French engineer born in 1785, who understood – before any others – the strategic interest of the railways. As early as 1814, he sent a report on this topic to Napoleon 1st. Even if no one listened to Pierre-Michel Moisson-Desroches at the time, his report inspired, 25 years later, the main lines structuring the actual French network. By choosing to give his name to this cycle, the trainees are showing their ambitions… Alain Bullot and Guy Le Bras are already thinking about launching a second class as soon as 2016 with 20-25 trainees: “We could achieve the quick training of a hundred leaders. We are convinced that this cycle is going to be very positive for the entire French railway sector”

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